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1 -  Is it expensive to have a dryer vent inspected and cleaned?

We charge the same flat low rate for each and every dryer duct we clean.  This service includes  inspection, cleaning out your dryer ducts and dryer exhaust system, airflow check and temperature check before and after cleaning. Call today and compare our rates!

Repairs or custom installations require separate estimates which can be done at the time of your dryer duct cleaning and very often, with your approval we can do the repairs the same day. 

2 - How will I know that my dryer vent needs cleaning?

Warning signs include: excessive dryer times, overheated dryer, lint around the dryer seal or opening, excessive lint on clothing after dry times, long dry times or a moldy smell in the dryer or on clothes after dryer use.

3 -  Can I use white plastic duct tubing to vent my dryer?

This white plastic tubing is NOT designed to be used with dryer vents. Many owners have used this type of material to vent their dryers because of the cost savings. This tubing is designed to be used with your bathroom exhaust fan. The high temperatures of the air exhausting out of your dryer can cause the plastic to dry out and create a serious potential fire hazard. 


4Are dryer fires really a problem since I do not know anyone that it has happened too?

There are about 16,800 clothes-dryer fires in residential buildings annually in the United States, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. These preventable fires caused 15 deaths, 300 injuries and about $88 million US in property damage. There are no comparable statistics available for Canada.

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